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Looking forward to the stars, looking forward to the moon, I finally hoped for the three-day holiday of the Ching Ming Festival. Why do I expect it so? Because during the holidays, I can go to the field training with Jing Han and Liu Wei. We came to the training base with the group. The instructor told us some basic common sense during the war. If the weapon equipment on the body vibrates three times, it means that I was shot by the enemy; if the weapon equipment on my body vibrates once, the enemy is shot by me; Everyone has five lives. The instructor divided the parents and children into two teams, the parents were the green team and the children were the blue team. Put on clothing, bring weapons, the war is about to begin. In the first round, the children attacked and the parents defended. The three of our girls carefully followed the squadron and searched for the enemy. Suddenly, after picking up Jing Han��s body, I patted her shoulder with Liu Wei and said Parliament Cigarettes, ��Well! Just hit the plane and shoot people...�� But she screamed and shouted: ��Who shot me? Which one? I don't want to live Wholesale Cigarettes, just shoot me when I am in battle..." I and Liu Wei suddenly realized that she was sneaked. The squad leader in front shouted: "There is an ambush!!!" As soon as we heard it, we immediately squatted. "Beep toot...beep..." The gunshot came. The squad leader took the lead and shouted: "Give me the help! I want to kill you all. I have AK47 in my hand. If you don't surrender, I will kill you with a chain hammer!" We heard it, suddenly Face black line: This is the situation of God horse, is it to play through the fire line? ...our three girls occupy a fortress against an enemy on the hillside. After the enemy hides in a thick tree, we can't shoot him, but he easily beats Liu Wei. Liu Yi was in a hurry, picked up the gun and ran to the tree and picked it up. I have a look at Jing Han, is there such a harmonious war? ...the enemies in the second theater are almost killed or caught by us, so we will go to the first theater to help. The enemy in the first theater refused to come out in the tunnel, and a team did not dare to take risks Cigarettes For Sale, but our second team was just behind the tunnel, and a team could attack both sides of the enemy. Finally, the enemy was surrounded by more than ten people. The siege then surrendered unconditionally. The first round, victory! In the second round of the game, we should defend and the parents attacked. These parents are really scheming. I saw an enemy army coming to me and preparing to attack, but the enemy said to me: "I am in a war, you can find someone else." I heard it, and I was killed. Don't waste money on her. Just turned around, the parent fired a shot at the back of me. I was so angry that I took the gun and swept the enemy. One of the parents claimed to be a war correspondent and took a camera to shoot us. But we don��t care about how to shoot after the end of her five lives, regardless of the three seventy-one, this field training is really fun, we The team won three times. If you let me describe the field, there are only four words - it is fun.
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