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It was once the spring, the season of hope, the sun pulled the shadows very long, the wind blows the trees into green waves, and the whole family goes out, which is undoubtedly the best choice. Walking on the Yingbin Road, stepping on the wooden plank road, the wooden board "Oops" rang, the hills beside the small road, the branches were intertwined, the green buds came out, and the spring was full of branches. The sun shines warmly, I reach out and put the sun in my fingers. The golden light pours down from my fingers, and the eyelashes are shining with colorful light. Breathing the slightly damp air after the rain Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the music flowing in the headphones is easy and enjoyable Cheap Cigarettes, even if you are not on the flat prairie, it is like a fairyland. The wind blew, and the bamboo forest on the opposite side flowed, with the silky spring, the green waves swept through. In front of a pair of golden wedding couples came with a spring-like smile, fingers and fingers, and each other, this is the true meaning of love. It is not the yellowing autumn and the plain winter. The bright spring is green and the grass is loose. The soil is loose, and it can be explored deep as if you pressed it. Say goodbye to the spring welcoming road, we came to the small Fujiazhuang seaside. The sea was reflected in the dark blue sky, the waves beat the rocks, stirred up the waves, the sound of the waves remained, the sea breeze lingered, the seagulls flew, this beautiful scenery caught my free body, I could not help but stop to watch. The aunts beside the bread sprinkled the bread crumbs to the surface of the sea. The seagulls flew up and took the food and hovered out. They screamed, and the songs of life on the sparkling sea were riding bicycles along the coastal road to meet the spring breeze. Let your hair stick to your cheeks. Listen to the song of spring, smell the spring and breath, enjoy the beauty of spring, feel the beauty of spring, and send my sincere invitation to the spring.

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