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On a clear autumn, we came to Wuxi's famous scenic spot, Shantou. Just at the entrance, I saw the inscription of the famous calligrapher and writer Guo Moruo: "Taihu Lake is a must, after all, in Shantou." This has aroused the interest of our tour. We walked along the lake first. The lake is full of smoke, dotted with several small islands, and several boats are floating from time to time. In the distance is a low mountain, and there are several looming houses in the mountain that look like a light ink landscape painting. The crystal clear water shines in the sunlight Marlboro Lights, as if a large group of fish jumped out of the water, and the scales on the body shimmered, and it was beautiful. A white waterfowl hovered over the water, as if watching a fish jump out of the water, as if looking at people curiously. Later, we took a boat to Sanshan Island. The mountains are not high, but the woods are very dense. We walked slowly into the woods, and it was still full of people, and suddenly it was quiet. The sun shone quietly in the woods, revealing a mottled shadow. The wind blew gently from our hair, and slipped through our fingers, and it was very gentle. Occasionally, we hear the sound of rustling in the woods, and sometimes the sound of water and people talking outside the woods, but this does not affect the quietness of the woods. We enjoy this rare silence Wholesale Cigarettes. The grass nodded slightly from time to time and seemed to enjoy this silence. Everything is immersed in the silence of this autumn. From the mountain down, we reached a waterside with reeds. There are not many people there, and the reeds grow very tall. We sat on the rock and watched the lake quietly. The wind is not big, the waves are not big, the sound of the waves is not so moving, but because we are sitting on the riverside, we can still hear the sound of the waves slap on the shore of the lake - not so much as a beat, but rather a touch, a play. This is a rare good weather, the sun is shining, the wind is not big, the waves and the lake shore have changed from the family to the close people, they seem to enjoy this rare good weather. We sat for a long time, and then left the game when the coolness was pressing. I clearly felt that I liked the mountains of Shantou, and I liked the water of the head. Although it is autumn, its landscape is also very beautiful Carton Of Cigarettes, no wonder Guo Moruo said: "Taihu Lake is a must, after all, in Shantou."
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