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I just went to junior 3 months 1 week ago #123176

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I just went to junior high school this year, and I don��t know most of my classmates. In such a bad situation, our sports meeting will begin soon in a few days. I think this is a good opportunity for my classmates to know me. Because I studied sports very well in elementary school. As long as I can perform well in the sports meeting, I can attract everyone's attention. I am looked at with a look of expectation. It feels like a big bottle of cold beer in the hot summer days Carton Of Cigarettes. I am more ordinary and ordinary at the sports meeting because I have no special skills. Running is not fast, jumping is not high, and the shot is not far away. I am an ordinary member. I can only admire as a spectator and appreciate the various players who shine in the game. I admire the feeling that they are noticed in the game and are expected. I envy them before the game Newport Cigarettes, the students cheered on them and looked forward to the scene of his good results. Envy them to do their best, even if a little bit of strength has consumed a drop of perseverance Online Cigarettes. As a child, I expect that one day my talent will be discovered, because I believe that in one sentence, gold always shines. However, today, I find that I am not gold. I am just a glass of gold, like gold, can reflect, but the value can not be compared with it. This is me, helpless me. Birds of a feather flock together. This is a tradition that has been passed down for a long time since ancient times. These eight words profoundly tell the unfairness of life. But you have no way of doing this. However, it is not easy to find a friend, but also to ask for more, why are they so good. Everything about them, the thoughts that want them to disappear fill my mind. I urgently want them to disappear to satisfy my vanity and self-respect.
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