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and their offense JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey , you didn’t want to talk about the situation. Despite the holdout that lent itself to an uncertainty about how his absence would affect Pittsburgh’s championship aspirations, you were tired of talking about it. Despite everyone else on the planet talking about it on a daily basis as if it were a relevant and important topic, you didn’t want to read about it. “Should the Steelers draft a running back in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft?” we often asked via various articles last winter and spring after Pittsburgh placed the franchise tag on him for a second straight year. “Do we need another article about this?” you rhetorically asked in various comments to said articles. “Steelers superstar running back [redacted] says he won’t participate in OTAs, mini-camp or training camp again this year,” wrote ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler last spring. “Why do we need to know about that?” you asked last spring. “Will James Conner benefit from the absence of Steelers superstar running back [redacted] as the team prepares for the 2018 regular season?” a lot of us asked via various training camp articles this past summer. “I sure hope so,” you said in response to these various articles. “Also, do we have to keep talking about this?”“It is being reported by many well-connected NFL insiders that [redacted] could sit out the SteelersWeek 1 match-up against the Browns at Cleveland’s FirstEnergy Stadium,” one of the breaking news types from BTSC wrote in early September. “You mean we’re still talking about this?” you rhetorically responded in many comments to said article. “Can the Steelers offense function with James Conner as the workhorse running back this week against the Browns?” many of us asked in various opinion pieces in the wake of the news that [redacted] would not be reporting to the Steelers prior to their Week 1 match-up with the Browns at Cleveland’s FirstEnergy Stadium. “I have much confidence in James Conner,” you said in various comments to said articles. “Also, do we still have to keep reading about [redacted]?”“Hey T. J. Watt Jersey , let’s have a round-table discussion about Steelers star running back [redacted] on our NFL studio show,” said a lot of network executives as the [redacted] holdout continued through the first half of the 2018 regular season. “Yes, but why are we having round-table discussions about [redacted] on this site?” you often asked as the holdout continued through the first half of the 2018 regular season.“Credible sources indicate that [redacted] could report to the Steelers facilities during the team’s bye week,” wrote someone from BTSC when it was initially reported by major outlets who thought it was news. “Is this even news anymore?” you rhetorically responded to our article about their article. “Look, this whole thing is just dividing the fan base,” you often said. “To continue to write articles about it just fans the flames for further vitriol between us.” Fair enough. Just take a look at some excerpts of various disagreements among the readers regarding the [redacted] situation: “I don’t think he’s worth $15 million. I think the Steelers should use that money to replenish other parts of the roster.” “Oh yeah, well I do think the Steelers should give him what he wants. He’s a generational talent.” “He is not a generational talent.” “Yes he is.” Just ugly. The responses to our postings of [redacted] articles on Facebook were even worse:“Coach Tomlinson never has his team prepared to play against inferior opponents!”“No way, not until they stand!”“Go Steelers, all the way from Mexico City!” OK, here we are Chukwuma Okorafor Jersey , and Tuesday’s 4 p.m. deadline for [redacted] to report to the Steelers in order to be eligible to play in the 2018 regular season has come and gone. [Redacted] did not report, which means we will not have to talk about him anymore.No more articles about trading [redacted]. No more articles about his importance. No more articles about his absence. No more articles about his social media activities. No more articles about his contract situation. Most importantly, no more division. “Do we have to keep talking about this?” At long last, the answer is “no.”We can finally move on from this totally irrelevant yet somehow divisive topic.Steelers Film Room: Top-10 NFL CBs don’t have games like Joe Haden did vs. the Ravens August 30, 2017, is when Pittsburgh Steelers fans rejoiced after Joe Haden was signed upon his release by the Cleveland Browns. The excitement roared up and down the BTSC boards. Fans were so excited to have a legit Pro Bowl cornerback come to town — a cornerback selected to the Pro Bowl in 2013 and 2014, while amassing seven interceptions and 40 pass deflections over the span. Unfortunately, Steelers fans glossed over 2015 and 2016 when Haden didn’t play well while missing 14 games.His contract seemed reasonable at three years and $27 million. Haden’s 2017 low-ish salary of $3.2 million paid by the Steelers — with the Browns picking up the rest — pushed his total salary to $7 million due to the no-offset language in his contract. His annual contract makes him the nineteenth highest paid cornerback. The issue that a segment of Pittsburgh fans has with Haden is that he’s the eighth highest-paid cornerback this year following an injury-plagued and lackluster year.This year appears to be the same dog-and-pony show as the past three years. Haden couldn’t finish the first game of the 2018 season against his old team — then missed Week 2 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Will the hamstring injury heal? Or will it cost Haden more games down the road like so many other soft-tissue injuries affecting aging cornerbacks?The Baltimore Ravens game optimized where Haden is at in this stage of his career.(I apologize but I didn’t put arrows designating Haden’s position in these videos. I had already uploaded the videos when I realized my blunder.)The first play by Haden that’s bothersome is his clear lack of interest during the run game. Does Haden look like he has any interest in putting a hat on the running back?Who takes the blame for the touchdown to John Brown? Fans can debate whether it is Cameron Sutton, Haden, Keith Butler or Mike Tomlin. Joe Haden is in his ninth year while Sutton is in his second. Haden has to take that leadership role by the horns and communicate who will cover who on the play.For those who think Haden is a solid cornerback Mason Rudolph Jersey , this play epitomizes why Flacco didn’t fear him and threw his way all night. Haden bit on the pump-fake but an inept Flacco missed out on a sure six.Haden is so worried about Brown’s deep speed he lets the speedy wideout get wide open on a crossing route. Brown had to slow down to make the reception, otherwise this would have been a long-gainer.Flacco sails another pass to Brown where he gained separation on Haden.Flacco throws deep down the seam to Brown — Haden makes a fine play but the only reason he’s even in the play is that Brown has to slow down.Flacco playing easy pitch and catch with Michael Crabtree while Haden fails to wrap him up, giving Crabtree the first down.The two cornerbacks at the top of the play are in man-coverage, and it can be assumed that Haden was in man as well. Yet again, a missed tackle. This was a crucial third-down conversion with the Steelers trailing by three late in the third quarter.If Haden was the Steelers second cornerback making a $5-million salary, fans wouldn’t have an issue with his play. But that’s not the case — he’s the top cornerback, making $12 million this year. Joe Flacco is an average NFL quarterback who had no fear in attacking Haden for four quarters. So what happens when an elite quarterback, Matt Ryan, locks onto Julio Jones (Jones leads the NFL with 502 receiving yards) on Sunday? Being viewed as the best cornerback in a bad secondary doesn’t mean Haden is close to being a top NFL cornerback worthy of the top-10 pay he’s receiving.
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