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I have a nice collection of Johnson's I've been dy 3 months 5 days ago #122836

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Wanna see?Of course Dre'Mont Jones Jersey , I'm referring to football players. What did you think I was talking about? Get your head out of the gutter.According to the 2010 US Census, “Johnson” (.8% of population) is the second most common surname in the country behind “Smith” (1% of population). However, it has the highest density in The Bahamas. Johnson is Swedish and means, “son of John.” St. John, John the Baptist, and over 1 ,000 other Christian saints took the name. It's origins in America were the direct result of the influx of European Christians.This is why nearly everybody has a friend, who has a friend, who has a mother, who has an uncle, who has a mistress, named Johnson. In the sports world Rashan Gary Jersey , the name obviously needs some more elaboration when referring to an athlete. I'll give you a funny conversation I had with a friend a while ago. Keep in mind, I initiated this just to troll him:Me: “Hey, did you see Johnson's game the other day? Dude's a monster!”Him: “Who?”Me: “Johnson.”Him: “Please elaborate.”Me: “Johnson – the guy who played today.”Him: “Calvin? Stevie? Andre? Who?”Me: “Yeah, him. The wide receiver.”This brick wall of an exchanged continued for a couple of minutes until he finally realized I was talking about former Houston Texan wide-out, Andre Johnson. This was in 2012, where Andre had a career game against the Jacksonville Jaguars - 14 catches for 273 yards. And to top that off , he caught a 43-yard touchdown pass in overtime to win the game. You see why I didn't think I needed to elaborate who I was talking to my friend about? That was his fault. In all fairness, I think he was in Catholic mass that day. Those things can run as long as The Godfather trilogy sometimes.From past greats like Jimmy and Keyshawn, to currents like Calvin and Andre, the remembrance of that conversation inspired me to create a list of the best Johnson's we've ever seen...IN FOOTBALL. Just wanted to make that clear. I saw the opportunity to both make something informative and write Johnson puns all night. You just don't get these opportunities every day.Before we get started, let me just dig into my secret encrypted folder of Johnson's that I had to name “2015 Tax Forms.” Couldn't let anybody find out about my curiosity.Okay, got it. Let's start the countdown. In the NFL there is not a lot of room for error. Yes Elgton Jenkins Jersey , there is a 53 man roster but at the end of the day each player on the team has to play a specific role even if that role isn’t as a starter. Because there are only 16 games that means that practice is a huge part of the entire fabric of the league. Players can’t take any days off and the roster needs to be good from top to bottom so that even at practice each person is being pushed to a higher level.That is the reason that teams look to make trades even this close to the year. In the case of the Browns they thought that Corey Coleman couldn’t really give them anything on the field and his practice play was struggling. As a result, he was traded for a 7th round pick just a week ago. Teams are going to keep looking to trade or cut players so that their entire team becomes one unit by the start of the regular season.On the other end of things players are trying to get more control from this aspect so there are a few big holdouts going on in the league. Earl Thomas wants a new contract with the Seahawks and has stated that if he doesn’t get one he wants a trade. Khalil Mack has been quieter in his approach but it seems like the Raiders are moving quickly to try and find him another team. The pieces in the NFL are constantly moving and stars are no different.Here is a list ten players who will get traded this year and ten that will get released by mid-season.
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