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TOPIC: From Gucci to Fendi, there are too many backpacks

From Gucci to Fendi, there are too many backpacks 3 months 1 week ago #122832

No matter where you travel, you can't leave a suitable backpack. Although many friends will choose a professional sports tourism brand, the current trend of backpacks is a combination of fashion and practicality, which has won everyone's heart.

Next, I would like to recommend a few backpacks that are worth starting in 2016-2017. If you have a favorite style, the Christmas gift is ~

Speaking of Gucci's bag, you will think of the long-lasting double G logo, as if you are looking at it, and a few eyes are spinning. Or the same black printing, as shown below, although cautious, still can not get rid of the impression of mosaic!

For some female consumers, the large Double G logo also appears in high-profile, as shown in the pink package below.

But beyond that, I have a few styles to focus on. Recommended fake Gucci shoulder bag.

Both backpacks are modest and unobtrusive, but the choice of solid color and tassel color and external pockets give the backpack a stylish personality. Although it looks like these two backpacks are small, in fact, let's take a look at the package.

They have a sense of design, cute and sexy. And it's a natural introduction when using the logo, rather than feeling blisters. The price is as high as 16 800 rubles. It's also great for the design itself, because we no longer have to worry about large mosaics, right?

Once the image of the small monster Fendi is presented, it will bring a new and new feeling to the luxury market, whether it is red or black hair on the head or a triangle with a little gratitude and lightning. Mouth, this general form is well represented on the Replica Cheap Fendi Bags.

The price in France is 10270-12740 rubles. This price is indeed much more expensive than FLogo. However, there are indeed many fashion lovers who shoot and become the first choice for street shooting.

In addition to the little monsters, Fendi also released a series of backpacks this year, mostly in two colors: white and black. In fact, the moment I saw these two photos, my long-term selection syndrome finally reappeared. Sudden burst

Louis Vuitton
LV backpack can be regarded as a classic style. In addition to the representative chessboard design and presbyopic design, LV also introduced several new designs, but to be honest, I still recommend classic backpacks.

Let's take a look at the design of the spicy eyes, full of flowers. This big face really caught up with MCM. Gently placed in the scene to take pictures, it is not clear which package is the scene.

In fact, Louis Vuitton backpack is also made of leather inside and outside, the weight of the bag is still very large, so when choosing, I suggest you choose the size that suits you, don't blindly chase the capacity and ignore the weight. When designing for the wild, don't choose a design that is too fancy. Often this choice will only bring sharp eye effects.

The Replica Cheap Burberry Bag is synonymous with British fashion. In addition to the windbreaker of the house, the design of the magic strip has long been rooted in people's hearts. So in 2016, AW Burberry changed the design style of the past and became a solid color life. Let's take a look at the picture.

When you see it here, you can't believe your eyes. How are these models designed by Burberry? In fact, this season, whether it is material or design, Burberry has chosen a simple style. When I talked to a British sister from the Burberry office, they explained that this season's shoulder bag design is best for Burberry trench coats.

Various graphic designs give consumers the opportunity to choose between male and female, while regular bags can fully install ipad, so I highly recommend the average female, and men and students are recommended to use handbags.

In terms of price, the UK said that the small 7800rmb, an average of 8560rmb, a large 9500rmb. If you like Burberry, you can try to buy this backpack. The upper body is very good, with windbreakers or autumn and winter coats. Turkic language will not be overwhelming.
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