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I always wanted to be a tutor, but I didn't have a way, so I added a few tutors in a random way. I refreshed the news in the group every day to see if there was any tutoring work for myself. I spent a day in the afternoon, lying in bed and leisurely brushing the group. Message. There are all kinds of messy information in the group. What is selling phone cards, making loans, and swiping orders is almost impossible to find effective information, as if it is in a transit station full of garbage. I found a message from the Chengguan District to recruit junior middle school English tutors, and I was trying to do English tutoring. It��s really ��God is hungry and not ruthless��, jumped out of bed, grabbed the phone and ran to the corridor to prepare to call the number provided by the other party, but screamed in the hallway, and all kinds of thoughts kept coming out. I will be afraid that the other party is a liar, and in a moment I doubt if I have the ability to teach, and I will imagine the high salary of my tutor. Thinking about it, I still dialed the phone. The phone is the voice of a woman. After greeting, simply introduce your situation and simply and clearly indicate your willingness to do this tutor. The woman paused and said faintly: "Can you come over and try it now? I need to start the class tomorrow. If the student is satisfied, I have no opinion Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes." He called down and took the address according to the address given by the other party. The grammar book immediately rushed through the door and entered the house. The woman asked me to go to the room inside and wait for her to finish class to talk about the trial. There is also a sixth-grade boy in the room, looking up and seeing me coming in, then biting the pen and saying weakly to me: "Master, are you a teacher? Can you help me see how this problem is?" The sweat that oozes from his forehead is probably plagued by the problem. Anyway, he is idle and has nothing to do, and he helps him explain the problem. Just talking about it, the woman pushed open the door and walked in. She knocked the table with a curved middle finger and said with a ugly face: "Come on, how long have you been serving you today? You look at how much money your mom gave me in a class!" The boy looked at the wall clock slyly and almost pleaded: "Teacher, I will stay for another half an hour!" The woman turned and Yang I asked my face: "You can try it! Don't you need to prepare?" Let her say that she feels heart-wrenching, panic-opening the grammar book, and writing down the key points that need to be explained. When the woman leaves, she throws a sentence: "I only give you fifteen points to prepare, hurry up!" The more the heart is touched, the less it tastes, how does the tutor teach this face, and care about his own pay and return? Good words will not When I talked about it, when I first went to the desk, my heart began to smash and smash. I felt the blood spurting and the scorpion tightened. It seemed that even the sound was difficult to pronounce. However, the test is an opportunity for the teacher to obtain student recognition and establish prestige. If there is a nervous and panicky look at this time, the follow-up course will be very difficult. So, I pretended to play a few full to adjust the voice of the scorpion, the right hand holding the blackboard, one foot to support the ground, while explaining in detail the well-known knowledge points, while using the light to peek at the students' expressions and found that they are Take notes carefully. At this time, the nervous emotions vanished, and joy came to my heart Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S, and I silently told myself: It was! The woman slowly stood up from the back row, interrupted me, went forward to consult the students, and then to me. Said: "You will come to work tomorrow. Do not be late! Do not skip classes!" Back to the dormitory, roommates around me asked me how the tutor situation, I smiled, said: "You will respect me as Teacher Zhang!" The roommate looked disdainful. After taking a sip, he joked: "Don't miss the children!" The jokes of the roommates put a lot of pressure on me Newport Short Cigareetes. That night, I was from the night. I kept preparing for class until 3 in the morning. I didn��t know that the East was white. I slept on the table and went to the next day to teach. The woman said, "My surname is Ma, you will call me Ma sister later." Ma Jie began to explain to me the situation of the students. The girls in the third grade have been learning French before. The English is blank, but I have to prepare for the entrance exam, so I have to carry out the ��quick filling��. The students in the second day of the second year were not very active, and they were too stubborn. Even his parents were squandered by his parents. When his mother sometimes called me, he complained: "This child goes on like this, and I feel that my days are not looking forward to the beginning. I thought that Ma��s words were a little alarmist, and I didn��t go to my heart. Later, I decided to take two minutes, and after ten minutes, the students in the second day were still late. Calling the parents, the parents were shocked and hurried. Q: "Mr. Zhang, did he not go? I just called his dad, his dad said he went!" I comforted: "He may still be on the road, I will wait, you will also give home. Just call and ask. After a few minutes, the phone rang and the parents asked with a slight expectation. "Mr. Zhang, is the child here?" I said, "I haven't come yet Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping." "This child, hey, ok, I am at the bottom of the house, I will go and see." "It took a few minutes to hang up the phone, and the phone rang again. It was a short silence after the connection, but the phone could clearly identify her weak weeping and undulating breathing. "Sorry, Teacher Zhang, Today's class will not make up, I am bothering you. "The phone has not been hung up, I heard the voice of the couple arguing, the woman's crying gradually increased. Sitting alone in the room, gradually regret not to call this phone, but in case the child has a problem outside How about doing it? All day, the mood is like a haze, and I can��t wait to explain the monthly test paper for the third year. Ma��s sister pushed the door open and waved me out. I had a high school student to supplement the English. Ms. Ma asked me to analyze the results for the students, and then took the parents to give the students a try. When the parents saw me, they quickly stood up, gave me a cigarette, and shoved a few times before they put the smoke away. "In this way, since I want to make up the class here, I will start a lesson first. If you are satisfied, let us talk about how to make up the class later. "I looked at the parents and said. It took twenty minutes to tell the students a few knowledge points of the attributive clause Newport Cigarettes At Wholesale Prices. When the lecture was given, the parents' eyes barely left the blackboard. From time to time, if there was no place nod. After the lecture, Parents let me bring English, on the way back, I told Ma sister that I didn't want to bring high school. Ma sister was reluctant to say: "Parents only let you bring, do not let people change. In fact, I have a few pounds and a few, I still have a few, and I have to pay for the money, mainly for the future of the students. In order to better improve the performance of the third year students, I spent two weeks to simulate the questions. Even after reading the textbooks over and over again, I was afraid to miss the knowledge points, and finally I was able to skillfully explain the high school knowledge points. When I finished the class, the students told me that she had the confidence to shock one book because of her shortest leg English. I have made great progress. Looking at her confident face, I said, if you take a book, I invite you to eat, for the success of my first student! Far away from her, my heart is silently She prayed that she wouldn��t know how to report her mother��s grace. She didn��t know that she was a teacher. Every time she finished her tutor, she fell asleep on the bed like a mud. The shoes and socks were too lazy to be off, like a falling frame. Asked if they have made progress after completing the class, they heard that they found the feeling of learning English, or the scores have improved a lot. They seem to be in the clouds, watching the changes of each cloud.
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