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Woke up in the morning, I heard the sound of the rain outside the window, the morning breeze with the coolness, gently blowing into the room from the window, I feel lazy in the bed, I thought I just returned to the county town, where the heat has been I feel helpless, air conditioning! Air conditioning! Wherever I go, I am eager to find. At high temperatures, I dare not go out at all. Even if I am indoors, the skin is still too hot to resist, the sweat never stops, the fans blow out the hot air, the ice water is drunk into the body, only the momentary cool I doubt, is it that I am changing? It was very weak, and I couldn��t stand the heat. I lived in that place for the first half of my life. I didn��t think so hard to think of it here. Suddenly I felt that I had the grace of heaven and earth, came to this city, and took on the leisure work. It is a lucky thing to enjoy a comfortable climate with care. At this moment, as God, I enjoy the coolness that the heavens and the earth have given me, and enjoy the beauty of the world. A person quietly lies and thinks, listening quietly to the sound of the rain outside the window, I am So happy. My family, the ones I love and love me, are still suffering in the heat, I feel bad, come over with me, don't sweat in the heat. I don't know when, the inexplicable fear creeps into my sleep, and often wakes me up; I don't know when Carton Of Marlboro Reds Free Shipping, there is a sudden flow of heat in my body, which arouses my inexplicable excitement; I don't know when, sorrow will I am involved in a long river, and I am troubled by the time. I don��t know how to start, I am no longer jumping and laughing. I no longer get up with the sun. I want to sleep for a hundred years, I don't want to see the teacher's children's shoes, I don't want to see my mom and dad's endless stream of words, the English words of the former servants, the strange and difficult letters. I am going to collapse. I don't know when I started, I like Jin Yong's novels. I went to school with "The Eagle Shooting" Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S, and I went to sleep with "The God of the Eagles".?????? The face is beautiful, the grotesque, hot and hot Azigalus is a girl of adolescence, she fools Xiao in an uncontrolled manner. Feng, finally finally fooled his eyes. Even so, the night dream will still be awakened, the sweat of fear wet the sheets. Sometimes I want to sing a song loudly; sometimes I want to chew on the lower half of the computer table chocolate; sometimes a heat flow in the body will meet unexpectedly, and there is a big day of "spring tide with rain and late" Chicago Cigarettes Prices Cartons, my father took me Going to climb the mountain, watching the lush trees, breathing the sweet air, my mood is much better Newport Cigs Cheap. A skylark suddenly flew from the ground to the blue sky, and the sound was crisp and pleasing to drink countless mouthfuls of spring water Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro Online. It suddenly became a sigh of relief. This is how my father is, often quietly appearing when I need help most, and then disappears quietly. It seems as though I am behind me, watching me, as if I am far away from the mountains and rivers. It is no wonder that some people say that her daughter is the lover of her father's previous life.
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